A brief-ish history

If you are reading this, then you must want to know a little bit about me, so let me regale you with the epic tale of my journey so far. No, that would take too long. Let me briefly share with you who I am and how I got here.

42 hot and humid summers ago, I was born in a little town you might have heard of, Atlanta, GA. After that I grew up in the bustling suburb of Marietta, to Atlanta's NE side.

Inquisitive would be a good word to describe me. I was always tinkering with toys, taking them apart, and putting them back together…usually. Growing up, my older brother would usually task me with putting his new toys together. I didn't mind. Sometimes putting the items together was as much fun as actually playing with them. Knowing this, it shouldn't be any surprise that I loved legos. They offered an infinite possibility of construction - deconstruction - reconstruction (repeat near infinitum).

When I wasn't building lego cities, I was drawing. My passion for visual arts continued through freshman year of highschool, when some friends and myself started a band, with me playing guitar. This consumed much of my free time, and the drawing fell by the wayside. The band actually became fairly popular, as we played at small venues around the city. Our biggest draw was almost 300 people. And even though I'm still friends with all the band members, we all went our seperate ways for college, ending that particular endevor.

Now that I was in college, I was like many that age, and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and ended up in the Psychology program at UGA. Graduated with that degree in 1999 and ended up getting a job for a dot.com catalogue, writing copy. It was soon discovered that I was very proficient with Photoshop, so the company transitioned me from writing copy to cleaning and prepping the images for the website. That continued for a little over a year until the dot.com bubble burst, and the company went under.

I ended up taking a retail job while I searched, but there just were no jobs available. Every job that I applied for, they told me that I was overqualified for the position.

After about six months, I decided to go back to school. I loved Athens while I was there before, and now my brother lived there, so I decided to go back to UGA for another degree, and thus entered the Journalism school at UGA, and received a degree in Telecom Arts, and a minor in 日本語 (Japanese). I had grand plans of actually moving to Japan after college, but life had other ideas for me.

While in school, I met the wonderful woman who would later become my wife, so after college, I ended up sticking around and getting a job in Atlanta, working for AutoTrader.com as a Web Product Rep, building graphics for dealerships. After a year doing this, I moved up to the Ad Ops department as a Digital Media Designer, and then to the Supervisor of the Digital Media Design team.

Our little family now includes my two daughters, and our dog.

In the past, I've run six 5Ks, a 10K as well as three half-marathons, and also enjoy mountain biking. Recently, I've taken up wood working, which I find to be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby.

Each year, to help raise money for St. Baldricks Foundation, I volunteer as a shavee, and have my head shaved as part of their annual fund raising event. I've participated 5 times now, and have raised over $4,000 for children's cancer research.

Which brings us up to the present...